Objections Aren’t Questions; Don’t Answer Them!

Objections Aren’t Questions – Don’t Answer Them! ~ Pete Morrissey
I have to start with; I’m not 100% sure that Pete Morrissey is the originator of this saying. He is the person who stressed the idea enough that it has sunk into the very being of who I am as a salesperson. Here are three reasons for the quote:
  1. The prospect is stating their opinion. For them, at that moment it is true. Disagreement will only turn them off even more!
  2. People hate salespeople who don’t listen. Talking like you didn’t hear them will reinforce their belief that you’re not listening.
  3. No one likes questions that make them sound stupid. Need an example? “don’t you want to save your company money?” – yeah like that has ever worked to do anything except annoy someone.

Instead of creating confrontation, use your conversation skills to move forward in the sales process. Remember that unless there are two people engaged in idea sharing; there is no conversation.

If there is no conversation – their can be no sale. It really is that simple.

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