Why Do Salespeople Feel Alone?

Just because it is our pilgrimage, doesn’t mean we are alone!

Take a moment and think of everyone you know…..

  • Shared Destination – who in your world are trying to reach the same objectives as you are, they may not sound exactly the same BUT are close enough to share some of your journey with.
  • Common Path – Why not enjoy the journey together, until it is time for your paths to diverge? Perhaps they are going to Chicago IL and you’re on your way to St Paul MN- but you’re beginning on the same street corner in New York City.
  • Similar Obstacles – In life and sales, many of the same obstacles face all of us; even when our destination and paths are different. Maybe it is a skill set that is missing and you can take a class together. Or someone to brainstorm with to develop how your products/services help the customers you are most successful with.
  • Available Resource – how about someone who is further along on their journey than you are on yours, who can help you before you become frustrated? A mentor, a coach, a role-model to help you more forward more quickly

Although each of our pilgrimages are unique, it still doesn’t make us alone out in the sales world. It is easier to enjoy the journey when you have someone to

laugh with,

boost you up when you’re feeling down,

celebrates successes!

Plus it doesn’t have to be the same person, you can bring along as many people as you want on your journey. Use your resources, you’re NOT alone!

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