The Field Guide to Sales Book Club

Have you noticed that many times great sales books sit unread and un-acted on, up there on your shelf?

Have you attended a seminar or training class and left excited, just to find the dust covered workbook in your bottom drawer years later?

You’re NOT alone!

That is why we’ve created The Field Guide to Sales Book Club to give you the accountability and support you need to take action on your career, together with salespeople who are working on the same stuff you are!

The book club will cover all 12 chapters of The Field Guide to Sales in 12 weeks.

PLUS at the end of our 12 weeks there will be a Bonus class with Debbie Mrazek the author! So that is a baker’s dozen!

In the conversation with Debbie you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the book and her theories on being a successful professional salesperson.

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