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I’ve been reading a lot about twitter (and other social media), attending teleclasses, listening to people, trying to learn what it is all about. I’ve even started to follow some people who’s ideas I find interesting.

And I’m posting (like just now “Friday’s Thought: while other salespeople are waiting for the “right” time to cold call, pick up the phone and start earning new business.”)

The one thing I’ve noticed as I’m exploring is that what I find valuable is a combination of:

  • new information
  • twists on ideas I might have, but with different perspective
  • links to resources
  • people who can create articulate 140 character messages
  • “retweets” showing other peoples ideas

I’m wondering what other people find valuable to make sure my Tweets resonate. I’d love your comments about what is valuable to you on twitter, blogs, or any other social media forums.


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