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    Most inside sales organizations freak out when offered full or even half day training sessions. The unease at having people off the phone has pushed us to create shorter sessions: 15 minute quick tips, cram sessions, one-hour trainings, and more. The key is that this method must involve a series of sessions to create behavior change.

    Training combined with follow through coaching is another option, proven to help individuals on your team implement new skills and ideas lickety split.


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    Everything starts with asking questions... Do you know the right questions to ask to...

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    Develop your baseline skills while you're preparing for your turn at bat...

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Is that evaluation about them or about you?


On July 1st Inner Quest Yoga asked me; “Hey Lynn, I noted your review. Thanks. What would make the difference that you would rate IQY 5 star, versus 4 star as you did? Hope to see you again sometime soon.” It took me until July 30th to be able to articulate the answer! That last star is all about me and not about Inner Quest Yoga at all. Yoga isn’t my passion but something that is filling in part of

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Deciding not to decide


Over the weekend at 3:00 pm I realized I was still in my pajamas. *POOF* like a magic wand it hit me. Some days we truly decide, on others we don’t decide and things just happen. I never actually said to myself – today I’m not going to take a shower or get dressed. Instead I started working on one thing – then another – started the laundry – then I drank coffee on our back deck – picked up

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Would you rather make no decision or a potentially bad one?

I have what may sound like an odd question; Would you rather make no decision or a potentially bad one? I was in a conversation with an inside sales manager recently where they shared that they hadn’t made a decision on letting a newly hired salesperson go because they didn’t feel like they had enough information yet. I asked what the downside to keeping the person on was and received a long litany of things; > paying someone who wasn’t

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Are your communication skills getting a bit rusty?


Here is something CRAZY – inside salespeople letting their communication skills get rusty. Yet, habit wins out most of the time. > Leaving that same old voicemail message, even after you’re bored with it. > Using an opening statement that worked 5-years ago and wondering why no one wants to have a conversation. > Multi-tasking instead of listening. I could keep going on… and on… and on, but instead here are some tips you can follow if your communication skills

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ONE thing (no really – one)


What is ONE thing you can do today to change your own way of doing things? If I told you you could only pick a single thing to work on what would it be? Too often trying to get everything done, turns into overwhelm. Overwhelm then turns into inertia, as we slowly give up on doing anything… feeling that there is no way we can do everything. Today, pick ONE thing. Make the change, do it well, move forward. There

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