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    Most inside sales organizations freak out when offered full or even half day training sessions. The unease at having people off the phone has pushed us to create shorter sessions: 15 minute quick tips, cram sessions, one-hour trainings, and more. The key is that this method must involve a series of sessions to create behavior change.

    Training combined with follow through coaching is another option, proven to help individuals on your team implement new skills and ideas lickety split.


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    Everything starts with asking questions... Do you know the right questions to ask to...

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    Develop your baseline skills while you're preparing for your turn at bat...

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28 Sales Leadership Tips to End the Year Strong with @WomenSalesPros


This year in Chicago a great group of sales experts got together to share ideas, tricks of the trade, and more! One of the things that came out of the conversation are 28 Sales Leadership Tips to End the Year Strong! Recruit – Retain – Inspire – Motivate – Lead – Negotiate – Assess – Develop My tip is understand The Why Behind The What Motivation is a completely personal thing. Every individual on your team is motivated by something

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Are you focused?

2015-06-05 11.34.08

Have you ever watched a cat on the prowl? You don’t have to love (or even like) cats to know how still and focused they get right before they pounce. Newman here was stalking the gecko on my niece’s back patio. He got me thinking about how unfocused inside salespeople tend to be. More like the dog in the movie Up! “SQUIRREL” than a cat on the prowl. Cats aren’t always focused, they nap a lot – eat – sleep

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Who is it important to?


I have some bad news. JUST because something is important to you, doesn’t make it important to the inside salespeople on your team. Need an example? I overheard an inside sales manager lamenting to his team that if they didn’t perform to ______ (insert goal) he didn’t get his bonus. The salespeople were polite enough to hold their eye rolling until after the meeting. Guess what – none of them cared if he got paid or not. I sat down

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It may be your 42nd voicemail message in a row, yet it is that prospect or customer’s FIRST message from you today. It’s time to change your message up! Get excited. Get up & move! Raise your energy level. DO SOMETHING. Don’t leave another bored & boring message. Plus tomorrow (Thursday) 1:00 NY Time on Sales Coaching over Coffee join me for an hour of prospecting truths. Including; if you’re bored with your own voicemail… they’ve already deleted you! An

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If your brain is foggy, your message can’t be clear

2014-10-21 09.09.47

Lately my brain has been a little foggy. Too much going on… That one project that is stuck… The goal I can’t seem to reach… Overwhelm… When I got up one morning and couldn’t see very far off our back deck I realized something. If my brain is foggy, I’m certainly not getting my message out clearly. > Too much going on = means I am not articulating what I need done to my team > That one project that

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