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    Most inside sales organizations freak out when offered full or even half day training sessions. The unease at having people off the phone has pushed us to create shorter sessions: 15 minute quick tips, cram sessions, one-hour trainings, and more. The key is that this method must involve a series of sessions to create behavior change.

    Training combined with follow through coaching is another option, proven to help individuals on your team implement new skills and ideas lickety split.


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Translation of “nothing going on”


I think it is time to stop hearing “nothing going on” as the truth and start realizing that it is only a sales stop light. Your job as the inside salesperson is to turn the light from red to green. “nothing going on” translates to I don’t… • have time for you • think you can help me with what I have going on • have anything going on right this minute This is typically heard early in a conversation.

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Give them your focus & attention

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“The thing people want most from you is your focus and attention” Coca Cola’s Wendy Clark That is the quote that stood out in my mind from an article I saw by Jacky Carter back in the fall It is impactful enough I’ve been thinking about it since October… SIX MONTHS and I can’t get that quote out of my mind. FOCUS When one of your inside salespeople comes to you for help, making sure you are focused on them

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What is draining your energy?


Monday’s Inside Sales Leadership Corner post was Tolerations kill your ability to lead, the bad news is they will also kill your ability to sell! On Friday right before lunch I got a call from an awesome inside salesperson. This month has been rough; > big goal (largest of his career) > big return – that put him in a huge hole starting the month and on Friday morning, he had ZERO conversations – in fact reached NONE of the

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Tolerations kill your ability to lead

Waterwheel ID: 32181 © Dawn Hudson | Dreamstime

Every day each person wakes up with energy. Every day is different based on what is going on in their life. Perhaps affected by yesterday, amount of sleep, thoughts about the day. During the day; some things add to the energy pool and others drain it. Tolerations are those little things that when taken individually seem insignificant. > A salesperson who’s behavior makes you roll your eyes. > The second request for a report you already sent, but wasn’t read

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I hate “the Sales Funnel”


There I said it – I hate “the Sales Funnel”. Why? I hate the idea of a sales funnel because I put in all that work and get – drip… drip… drip… Out the other end. Lots of effort. Little to show for it. BUT the key is to not only know what you hate and why, but to then figure out what you want it to look like. It may sound silly but I am completely behind the idea

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