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    Most inside sales organizations freak out when offered full or even half day training sessions. The unease at having people off the phone has pushed us to create shorter sessions: 15 minute quick tips, cram sessions, one-hour trainings, and more. The key is that this method must involve a series of sessions to create behavior change.

    Training combined with follow through coaching is another option, proven to help individuals on your team implement new skills and ideas lickety split.


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stretch… laugh… dial… repeat…


It is crazy what happens when we dial the phone. Most of the time we reach voicemail – hopefully leaving a message that is inspiring enough to receive a call back. At least if the message is clever and relevant, they remember the voice when we call back. Then there are the instances when we hear “Hello” after the ringing stops. That is when the curtain rises, the stage lights go up and – you’re ON! > Opening statement delivered

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Are you making inside sales management harder?

A while ago I posted this video “Are you making sales harder?” This morning I realized inside sales managers probably need to consider the same three tips! 1. if it takes more than 5-minutes to do on your own, ask for help. 2. try one new thing consistently. 3. because something worked for someone else – doesn’t mean it will work for you What are you doing that makes your inside sales management job harder?

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How many business days does your 2014 have left?


With complete disregard to holidays, vacation, celebrations, etc – including today we have 36 more Monday through Friday days. > In the US, take of 2 days for Thanksgiving… down to 34 > at least 1 if not 2 for Christmas… that makes it 32 > some salespeople will have offices that have 1/2 days on Christmas Eve & New Years Eve as well… perhaps 31 > now eliminate any vacation you have left… how about we figure a conservative

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The Ego Fallacy


“You have to manage a salesperson’s ego.” That is just crazy! Ego is someone’s view of themselves, you can’t manage that. You can lead a salesperson to hold up their metaphorical ego mirror and bring them to the path of working toward a healthy ego. They have to be willing to walk down that path on their own – you can’t manage the ego work they choose to do or not do. What you can manage is the task of

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are you planning? everyone else is!

© Dolgachov | Dreamstime.com - Close Up Of Male Hands With Pen Drawing Scheme Photo

Planning seems like it is everywhere at this time of year. Planning for 2015, planning for the holidays, planning to use those last vacation days…. planning, planning, planning. If you are like me, “a plan” seems and feels complex – daunting even. For today, I want you to realize that the activity of planning is what is important NOT having a plan. Why? having a plan = that binder up on a shelf gathering dust. planning = the guy in

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